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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Let it burn...

You decided to start this weblog to get back in the habit since you had a weblog previously which you kept up with from time to time but ultimately abandoned. You feel the need to get back in the habit because a "log" is required for a class you're currently taking called Software Engineering. That, and actually, you find the habit quite cathartic.

So it comes at a good time as you are about a biscuit away from going completely fcuking monkey nuts. The point of the class you mentioned above, according to the professor, is essentially to acclimate yourself to the "rational" model of software development on a large-scale project as part of a team. Whatever the hell that means. The current cause of your palpitations is what your quarter-long software project will be. Any language, any platform, anything you and your team mates would like to create.

You and your mates had four project ideas. They were all shot down.

Now you have none.

Betapace anyone?


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