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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sneak attack. (Long post warning)

You're back!

And what a trip that was wasn't it? Arduous seems an appropriate word. Where did you go again exactly? Oh yeah that's right you went to LA. You stayed in Palmdale and went to Orange to pick up a new car for your father.

First though, you want to run through some quick stats:

There: ~400 Miles, Time: 7 hours, # of Stops: 1, Avg. speed: 57 mph.

Back again: 378.6 Miles, Time: 7 hours, # of Stops: 1, # of cars being towed: 1, Avg. Speed: 53 mph

Total milage: 968.5

Okay, now that we've taken care of that, how did it go?

Well, your Dad wanted to leave and 4 in the AM Saturday morning. Anyone that knows you knows that that is an indecent proposal and thus you didn't even bother sleeping. You went over to Corey's, drank some Guinness and Newcastle went home, packed your shit, took a shower and by that time it was 4 in the AM you went.

You got to Palmdale at around 11 since your Dad missed a turn while you were sleeping and you had to go behind god's back to get there. Which you were able to do thanks to your crazy navigational skills. You arrived at Fred and Nancy's house and hung out for a bit.

They have the biggest house you have ever been in. You have no idea of the square footage but suffice it to say that you and your Dad each got your own rooms, and their master bedroom is about half the size of your entire house. One of the coolest things about the house though, in your humble and nerdified opinion, is that all of the ceiling fan/light thingys are remotely controlled and have temperature sensors so you can set a room temperature it'll keep. So so cool.

So you guys hung out for awhile, got a cool drink, and headed out. First for grub. You went to a place called Crazy Otto's (such the fucking awesome name! +10 strength) and wanted breakfast only to be disappointed that they weren't serving breakfast at noon. Minus 20 charisma. You ordered fish and chips, which were really good actually. Nancy and Fred said they wanted to set you up with a girl they knew. A lieutenant in the air force. You said "Hell yes!"

Back to the house for a minute to drop off Nancy and find out if the guy who had the car your Dad wanted was ready to make the exchange. He was. So you were off.

The guy lives in Orange. You were in Palmdale. Apparently no one in your party new how to get to Orange. Unfortunately you didn't learn this until 2 hours into the journey. You stopped at a gas station in San Dimas (Bill and Ted. Fuck yeah!) to ask "Where the fuck are we?" They answered and you were back on the road. You arrived at the guys house at like 5pm and picked up the car.

Getting back took about 2 hours thanks to traffic and the fucking idiots "Hey take this alternate route its faster!" route. You had to stop at Sears to get Nancy a new lawnmower too.

Finally around 9 you get back to the house. Nancy is the fucking shit and made the bestest dinner you've had in quite awhile. Sauted shrimp, blackened salmon, spinach salad, rice, bread and strawberry cheesecake for desert. So good. After that you watched a movie (US Marshals). Ian and Lori came over to play cards. You were too tired so you went to bed.

Bobby Drake called at 8 the next morning. It woke you up. Without actually looking at who was calling, you picked up your phone and chucked it across the room. Stupid phone. You woke up 2 hours later. Eggs, Croissant, and Coffee awaited you downstairs. So awesome. Nancy invited you to go on a 10-mile hike into the Grand Canyon. For some reason you agreed. We're still trying to figure out what you were thinking on that one bro.

Your Dad and Fred went to pickup a trailer for the car. You took a shower and hung out with Nancy. They got back at about 1 and you started packing your shit. You and your Dad said your thank you's and goodbye's and hit the road at around 2.

You stopped at 5 in some town somewhere and ate at Mc'Donalds. Which was fucking putrid. The rest is history.

And here you are. Welcome back.


  • Welcome back bro. Sounds like it was a long trip. So what kind of car did your dad pick up?

    Lieutenant huh? I'd be a little worried about that. I mean it's her job to be bossy. But who knows, maybe she gives it rough ;)

    Tell me you hit the circle K in San dimas!

    Well, glad to hear you're back in one piece.

    S to the G

    By Blogger Stone Grody, at 9:33 AM  

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