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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The finish line is in sight.

You went an saw a couple of academic advisors today. One for CS and one for math. The best part of the whole experience was looking over your academic record prior to meeting with your advisors. According to your understanding of the requirements based on your catalog years you only have 4 classes left to take to complete your majors. Two for math and two for CS. Of the CS classes left the one you were bitching about earlier, Sofware Engineering, isn't even required.

Of course there is also an upper division GE class or two left but those are easy enough.

For the record here's what's left:

Analysis II
Abstract Algebra II

Numerical Analysis I
TBD (Depending on what's available)

What you're thinking you're going to do is go to the UAC and have them figure out what you need to take for your upper division GE. Then take the two math classes next quarter (Winter), since you know they'll be offered, plus whichever GE class will be required. Next (Spring quarter) you'll take the two CS classes and a GE if need be.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, should be that. Provided you pass all
of those courses you'll graduate this upcoming June.

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