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Thursday, October 07, 2004


You are feeling quite dejected--wait, dejected is that too strong? Well, you don't think so. Ok fine, in any event you are upset by recent events. In a nutshell, you let a friend borrow a couple DVD's about 8 months ago, which in and of itself is no big deal. However recently you had a yearning to watch them and so you wanted them back.

About 4 weeks ago you sent out an email to a group of people because you weren't sure to whom you lent said DVD's. You then ran into this friend of yours a couple of days later. He informed you that he had your DVD's. You promptly forgot about it, as is your normal form, in the midst of engaging in small talk. You called him the next day when you remembered your faux pas and asked politely if it would be possible to arrange for a meeting during which you could reacquire possession of said DVD's.

To which there was no response.

Fast forward three weeks to today when you ran into said friend on AIM. A transcript of the conversation follows:

21:56:28 him: trying to... i still have your DVD's dude... sorry man... imma ask kace to bring it to you tomorrow b4 i leave
21:56:51 me: if you need to take a break, I'll be up all night
21:57:08 me: I'm going to see GITS2 this weekend
21:57:17 me: so i wanted to check out #1 first
21:57:26 him: yeah man... imma do some cuts for q-unique... who's a part of I.T.'s crew
21:57:33 him: ahh
21:58:14 him: yeah... man imma get that to yah... got to go to rehersal... of course... i'm fuckin late
21:58:40 me: well i'll leave you to it then
21:58:44 me: good luck tomorrow
21:59:09 him: yo... if you're gonna be up... do you want me to call you after rehersals?
21:59:16 me: yeah
21:59:17 me: do that
21:59:25 me: I'll be here
21:59:33 him: home?
21:59:37 me: yeah
21:59:51 him: aight... imma call you in a couple of hours
21:59:56 me: sounds good
22:00:31 him: cool man... imma get you those DVDs too...
22:00:46 him: aight D imma cut... check you out later
22:00:50 him: P's
22:00:52 me: one
he disconnected (22:01:54)

Perhaps you're being a little girl about this but this is just one more piece in a puzzle that is beginning to form an unacceptable pattern of behavior. It is now 4 or so hours later and you haven't heard anything from him. Not again. Not fcuking again.

Why is it that you seem to attract people whose aim is simply to use and/or take advantage of you? And why is it that "friends" are so completely fcuking useless and unreliable? And most importantly why are you asking such pointless questions which have such obvious answers?

You took a personality test at one point in your life. Your type? INTJ They should Google it if they're curious. It will explain alot.




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