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Sunday, December 05, 2004

A thought

Note to self: title rotation via text file/javascript? Think about it.

Something just occurred to me. Given all the buzz generated by the apparent death of email in korea, I wonder; what will replace weblogs? All things come and all things go, as is the nature of things, and if or maybe when weblogs eventually do die, what will replace them?

Hmm...I don't know. I'm not as on top of shit as usual with school getting so hectic.

Speaking of which, I really, really have to study tomorrow. No more blogger stuff, no matter how much fun it is to screw around with.

Though, while I'm at it I should probably mention my upcoming vacation. Next Sunday I'll be going back home for awhile. Home as in Hawai'i and awhile as in 10 days. I should be getting an early Christmas gift soon which will allow digital video in addition to pictures. I'll be taking my powerbook along as well so I think I should be able to post videos, pictures, and whatever else I desire while in the islands.

But you're on vacation!? You might interject. Yeah, but I'm also a geek so I have to maintain my image you know. Besides, at heart I'm a complete information whore. I think 10 days without access to the internet would probably scar me for life.


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