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Thursday, February 10, 2005


I am too easily swayed by my emotions when writing. I start off focused and on topic and before you know it I'm standing on my soapbox screaming at the top of my lungs that:

(In reference to the FDA and USDA)

It doesn’t seem to be an over abundance of pressure upon the individual to influence their eating habits but the diametric opposite. More often than not “…they are…not nearly as effective as we think they are or wish they were” (Boston et al., 67). But that they are nothing more than figurehead puppet-agencies, there but for the grace of all that is unholy and wrong about the food industry as “[t]he food industry influences how these agencies are run…” (67). Further, in their infinite wisdom, “[c]ongress does not allot enough money in the federal budget for the FDA and USDA to allow them to do much independent testing and to enforce their own regulations very efficiently” (67). Preeminent congressional work, without doubt, and it stands to reason that these agencies should just be dismantled, as they are hamstrung and impotent at the behest of food industry lobbyists, perhaps that paltry funding would be better used to expedite the return of troops from…but we digress.



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