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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Shaun of the Dead

I am quite pleased that I actually purchased a copy of Shaun of the Dead. The movie is top notch and the special features are surprisingly good. There are a ton of out takes, extended scenes, and rather funny bits.

But what takes the cake for me is the fact that it has 5 different subtitle tracks. English, French, Spanish, Storyboard Comparison and Zomb-O-Meter.

The first three are self-explanatory. Storyboard Comparison displays an icon in the upper right-hand corner which when accessed via your DVD player's remote allows you to check out the actual storyboard for that scene. 'Flippin Sweet!' (Ref. Napoleon Dynamite)

The "Zomb-O-Meter" option is the bit of fried gold though. While watching the movie, from time to time, interesting information about the scene is posted to the screen. In fact I'm watching SOTD right now with ZOM active and its the ZOM that prompted me to write this. As I was watching the movie Noel, one of the "2-scene" characters, says "...I was totally munted last night." And the ZOM pops up with "Fact: '' definition of 'Munted' - to be completely twatted off your face." Which I thought was flippin sweet! A reference to urbandictionary!

Alright alright, I'm a dork.

cock it!



  • this is the main reason why i am so enthralled by you! you are so cool!

    By Blogger rosiness, at 2:09 PM  

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