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Friday, August 12, 2005

Don't Cry for me Argentina

But this vacation kinda blows. You know what they're thinking, "WTF!? You're in Hawaii!" which is completely awesome in a penultimate things-to-do-before-we-die kind of way. But the truth of the matter is this: you're in Hawaii with your PARENTS.

There really isn't enough beer in the world for this.

And as awesome as the surroundings and local people are; you still feel completely trapped. You could rent a car and explore the island--if you had more money. You could go out and party with your cousins--if you had brought the proper attire and were into clubs (they're all girls), or you could go out with that "friend" you mentioned earlier, but you've had enough of biker bars.

So what does that leave?

Well, there are the beaches. And you have found a new love for all things sand, salt-water and bikini, but they are completely overrun by tourists. Half of which are Japanese and the other half of which are haole so you believe they see the problem there.

There is also your family, but aside from the cousins you mentioned before the rest are completely fucking useless. You call them to see what's going on and maybe set something up but they never, NEVER, call you back. What the fuck.

So what is really left is beer. Beer and books. Beer, books, and movies.

Your parents are going to the first event of your fathers three day high-school reunion this afternoon. They are dropping you off at your aunts' house in Pearl City. She is baby-sitting your cousin's children. All four of them. She does have cable and a DVD player however.

Good thing you started drinking an hour ago.

1220 Local time

PS. Pics coming real soon.


  • Damn bro, sorry to hear your vacation is suckin out. I say you hit the rents up for some cash, get a scooter and explore. You don't have much time left so make the best of it. See how much trouble you can get into. Cruise around, find new spots, talk to strangers, do whatever the hell you want. Get off your ass and create some fun! Don't make me fly out there!

    By Blogger Stone Grody, at 4:19 PM  

  • great post, man. it was funny, so true, and kinda sad all wrapped into a great vacation.

    seriously...get out there and walk around at least. omg! nows the time to learn how to swim!

    beer, books, and dvds are waiting for you back here in cali.

    By Blogger legos4lyfe, at 8:34 AM  

  • Dude,think of the begining of 50 first dates.If your not man enuff for that find a sports bar the EPL starts today

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:11 PM  

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