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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Interesting Reading

So it would appear that we were wrong in our thinking. We always thought that depression was at least affected by and perhaps in-part caused by a lack of serotonin in the synaptic gap. And that drugs such as setraline (Zoloft) a serotonin reuptake inhibitor...well...helped. Apparently this may not be the case at all, or at least there isn't any real evidence supporting this conclusion as stated in this guy's blog:

Modern Mental Health: ex juvantibus

Where he summarizes this journal article.

We especially like Dr. Murray's refutation of the ex juvantibus line of reasoning:

"...Or, if you are shy and when you drink alcohol, your shyness turns into extroversion, you must have an alcohol deficiency."


  • well, that's that then.....I have a alcohol deficiency ;-)

    By Anonymous catigerz, at 3:54 PM  

  • It would be great if he mentioned other alternatives to the "brain drugs". I totally see the point he's making and it does make me put more thought into what I'm putting in to my body, but at the same time, I do know that I'm a lot better off now than when I wasn't taking anything for my depression. Sometimes it does take more than talking to help your situation.

    Interesting read indeed.

    By Blogger Stone Grody, at 2:10 PM  

  • i just have to add that I'm so proud of stone grody......acknowledging there is a problem, any problem and getting help is a GOOD thing, even if the scientific methodology behind it is not exact or even specific. I agree, even if they don't know how all that works - it seems to help me be a better me. Even if it's literally all in my head....I choose the questionable pills.

    By Anonymous catigerz, at 5:23 PM  

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