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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A trip to the Phlebotomist.

After re-reading that last post you noticed a behavioral pattern or trend over the last 24 hours.

You went to the lab to get blood work done this morning and all was well. Unless waking up earlier than usual after fasting for 12 hours and driving to a lab waiting room with 6 people who arrived before you constitutes "well." Perhaps that put you in a mood, perhaps not.

You made small talk with the phlebotomist. Asked her about her son who has a band and how that was going. She asked you what your plans were after your parents move back to Hawaii; you told her you were going to throw a party and she was welcome to attend.

Then the strangest thing happened; after she drew the blood and taped you up you told her that in all honesty you would probably be upset having your parents gone and all, then she proceeded to tell you that at least you'd have your brother here.


You responded that "That would be true--if I had a brother. Which I don't." And she became somewhat flushed and responded, "You don't? I could son's and only child..." As you remember it she trailed off after that. Or maybe she kept talking. Either way...

Sheesh. Are you always this cranky?

They are instructed not to answer that.


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