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Sunday, March 13, 2005

For the kid... all of us. You found this while browsing something at some point. You can't really remember. - Games Blowout

Being that you are practically broke right now, you're trying to decide between Onimusha 2 for $9, Tekken 4 for $15 or Tekken Tag Tournament for $13.

Choices choices.

Off hand, you finally finished writing that paper you mentioned here a while ago. If any of them want to read it they have only to email you about it and you will furnish a copy. As long as the promise to keep in mind that, despite evidence to the contrary, you do actually speak english fluently.

Thank you and Good night.

Update: You decided on Onimusha 2. Perhaps it was the price. You'd like to think it was the samurai's swinging swords, potential decapitation and bloody impaling that convinced you though.


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