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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

One of those days...

So the moral of the story seems to be that every now and then when the planets are in the proper alignment I turn into a maladroit klutz-fuck. Earlier this evening I went to a local starbucks to read some materials for a research paper I have to write for my women's studies class. My mom wanted me to pick up a mocha for her on the way home which I did. I knew the girl at the bar and she made a cappuccino for me too.

On the way back to the truck I was carrying both drinks stacked in one hand (first mistake) and my book bag in the other. I got to the truck and opened the door. With one hand I tossed my book bag through the door (second mistake) and into the passengers seat but the rotational velocity coupled with the inertia of the mocha, since it was stacked on top of the cappuccino, carried the mocha out of my hand and down onto the drivers seat. It bounced off the drivers seat, popped open, and landed on the ground.


About 15 minutes ago I was eating a frozen pizza I heated up. I had a glass of orange-tangerine juice. I reached blindly for the glass and tipped it with my hand. I have fairly quick reflexes which kicked in to right the glass but the glass had already tipped too much. There wasn't enough space and instead of grabbing the glass I ended up flicking it with the back of my hand. It splashed all over the tv-tray I was eating off of, my G4 powerbook and the majority of it landed on the carpet.

I just finished cleaning it all up and I'm distraught. I feel like I need one of those friggin' sippy cups.


Current iTunes track: Les Portes Du Souvenir from the album "Princesses Nubiennes" by Les Nubians


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