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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Quickly, and with stealth.

It's currently you're fucked-30 in the AM and you just finished a paper for your History of Math class.

Yes. They read that right, History of Math.

Why the fuck is a paper necessary in a math class? They might wonder. And why the fuck is a paper due in a senior level math class? They might be thinking.

And why is this fucking class even a senior level class? Is what you're wondering. The pre-requisites mentioned the calculus series as you recall and ironically enough your professor chose to completely skip the developement of "The" calculus as a part of the curriculum.

In your humble opinion, any entering freshman should be capable of taking and passing this class. Assuming of course that this particular freshman knows a thing or two about math, which is actually asking quite a lot given the current state of the educational system in this state. Because honestly, they should know a thing or two about formal logic, geometry, algebra, maybe some differential calculus, and...perhaps some combinatorics.

Of course, you rarely go to this class anyway. What the fuck do you know?

So instead of studying and learning mathematics, you get to write a fucking paper about a mathematical development of some kind. Doesn't matter what kind or when. There really isn't any direction other than not to plagerize.

Fucking great.

And what did you choose precious?

You decided to write about Newton's estimation of pi(you're too lazy to look up the unicode for pi right now). Which is actually simple; really. As long as they understand the general binomial theorem, some integral calculus and a sprinkle of elementary algebra. Which you do...

However they might not. So you are thinking you should probably explain it when reality kicks you in the face and reminds you that its just you and probably 10 other people on the planet who care about shit like this.

So fuck it. Fuck you, fuck them, fuck their god, fuck you please, fuck fuck fuck. Its not just fun to say, its actually fun to type. You need sleep.

Making babies cry,



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