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Sunday, February 13, 2005


My dad and I have been working on my 65 GT Ford Mustang. The interior is cherry and the most recent thing worked on has been the engine since the winter weather hasn't been conducive to working on the body.

We pulled the motor and sent it to a shop. We had them bore out the cylinders (.0040 over), replace the valves with custom stainless steel jobbies, install new pistons (Keith Black), and port and polish the exhaust ports on the heads. We have replaced the distributor (Motorcraft) and upgraded the coil (Tiptronic Flamethrower), upgraded to an inline large resevoir fuel filter (Motorcraft) and replaced the wires and plugs. The engine already had good (TRW) valve guides, (CompCam) roller rockers, and a sweet (Steve Jackson) gear drive. We had already installed a larger 8-quart oil pan and 3 chamber flowmasters.

To get to the point, my dad tried to fire it today and apparently the timing is off. It backfired so hard, and I mean so fucking hard, that it blew one of the exhaust tips clean off.

We still haven't found it.


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