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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

So you think you're clever now do you?

AKA Better studying through iTunes.

You are not exactly what anyone in their right mind would call disciplined. Knowing this full well you happened on a method for structuring your study time today. Being that you are a believer in the "divide and conquer" method of studying, in which you study an hour at a time taking short breaks in between, you created an iTunes playlist that was exactly 1 hour in length.

Then you created another. Then another.

You now have three seperate playlists: study.inst.hip.hop, study.alt.misc, and study.hawaiian. Each 1 hour in length. So named so that they are next to each other in the iTunes sidebar, available when you need them.

Its the perfect blend of structure and flexibility for your less-than-disciplined ass. When the music stops it can only be for one of two reasons: its time for a break or you have to pee. You pause the music to go to the bathroom and when you come back you press play. You are still working on the current hours' worth of studying. Neat.

It works, you think its clever, and you'll use it until it dies or something better comes along, natch. Though after 5.5 hours worth of compiler design its time to catch up on Las Vegas and Numb3rs.

Mai mana'o he pono kēia!
(Don't think that this is fun!)


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