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Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Musical Baton.

You know what, like 3 other people that blog? So rather than get passed the musical baton you snuck up on an unsuspecting, slow moving blogoton and stole the fucker.

Thus, without further adieu, the musical baton:

Total Volume Of Music On Your Computer:

42.97 GB

The Last CD You Purchased Was:

Dillinja - My Sound

Song Playing Right Now:

There were many a drunken and lonely night both in California and elsewhere listening to this album and wondering why you keep picking such winners to date. Of all the tracks on the album however, the one currently playing is Chunga's Revenge.

Five Songs You've Been Listening To Alot Recently:

  1. Holy Calamity, Handsome Boy Modeling School

  2. Winners and Losers, Social Distortion

  3. Wish Me Well (You can go to hell), Bouncing Souls

  4. Pure Morning, Placebo

  5. Nothing Owed, Bonobo

Five People To Whom You Are Passing The Baton:

The astute reader will notice that that was only 4 people and the astute reader should fuck off. You only know four people who have blogs anyway.

Over and out,



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