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Monday, May 30, 2005

Top 5ives...

Ooooh...yeah. The return of the top 5ives. This is a meme project that you and Bobby Drake started and never really kept up with back in the older times.

Essentially just lists. Lists of 5 things. The top 5 things in some area of reality.

They should feel free to contribute on their own sites. If they do you'd appreciate if they'd link back or leave a note in the comments.

Top 5ive Favorite Songs at This Very Moment...

  1. Girl - Beck - Guero

  2. I'm Just Raw - Lyrics Born - Same Shit, Different Day

  3. Banquet - Bloc Party - Silent Alarm

  4. Helicopter - Bloc Party - Silent Alarm

  5. The Corner - Common - Be

Get it?



Bobby Drake's top 5ive


  • thinking of top fives are harder than it seems, but fun. btw... i liked the story about you and the thugs.

    good luck with your last days of being a college student!

    By Blogger legos4lyfe, at 12:11 AM  

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