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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Ugh...and then some.

Why is it that you always find the most inopportune times the best for writing? You know you have to go to school in less than 8 hours. So make this quick.

You feel like shit thanks to the Wellbutrin. Your body will get used to it however.

Classes are fine so far. So far.

As far as she is concerned, you found out tonight that she is in an "open" relationship. You have hung out with her 3 times and nothing serious has come of it but you asked her tonight what the fuck was going on and she told you. You're appreciative of her honesty and the forthright manner in which she informed you of her situation. However you are a bit unsettled since you had to ask. She wants to break it off with this other guy and pursue relations with you.

Is that okay with you?

You don't seem completely okay with this droo5ki.

You wonder what they think.


  • I think she likes you and so you shouldn't worry so much about it!
    I also think you and she should come to my party this weekend for my bday. T'would be awesome! Call me!

    By Anonymous Sarah, at 5:42 PM  

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