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Sunday, March 20, 2005

This Just In...

You have no idea how you came to start thinking about this. But you're on break from school so really anything goes right now.

You think of computer usage the same way you think of your preference in women's breasts. You have always been one for smaller breasts. B or B+ even C cup is awesome. C and up...Not so much.

Why!? They might be screaming?

Well, essentially you have always seen larger breasts as kind of mean or intimidating. They kind of stare at you with an annoyed glare and say: "Hey! What are you looking at punk!?" Whereas smaller breasts with their perky exhuberence and happy-go-lucky charm are more like: "Hi! Can we help you with something?"

However, you don't want them to take this the wrong way. So you'd like to preface it with two things. First, you would never, never turn down a girl for having large breasts. If history is any indication, for example, you had a girlfriend for awhile and were quite pleased with her 38DD's. They were rather lovely actually. Second, when it comes to your criteria for the opposite sex it's like golf: 10% physical 90% mental.

That said, you'd like to get back to the point. Windows PC's are like large breasts, they are mean and intimidating and smell like scotch and anger. Versus Mac's which are like small breasts; well shaped and perky, always there for you with a smile and a wink, "Good Morning d. Would you like to read the news or perhaps your email?" And they smell better too.

Yet you'd never turn down a Windows PC just because it was huge and slow. You have a windows PC and use it frequently. But you also have a Mac and you use that even more. You view computer usage as a toolbox. You just reach in and grab the right tool for the job. If you want to work with media, burning and ripping CD's or DVD's you use your windows machine. If you want to simply browse the web, read the news or your email you grab your Powerbook.

Not that either machine is at all limited to those types of tasks, just that you use each particular machine for the task that it is best suited for based upon its abilities. Windows PC's excel at a few things, ripping DVD's and playing Doom 3 for example. For everything else there is your Mac.

Eh. Whatever.

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