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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

For the kid...Revisited

They remember you ordered a PS2 game from a while back. If not they should read this.

Fucking bitches. are bitches.

As of 4am this morning, since you don't sleep like normal people and were up then, it still hadn't shipped. It was sent to the "warehouse" on the 15th of March where it was promptly forgotten about apparently.

With the impending release of the PSP you had lost interest in this game and decided to cancel the order. You did so and went to sleep. Less than 7 hours later, 11am this morning, you got an email stating that it had shipped.

Now you are going to get a game which you're no longer interested in and have waited for for an entire week. Beyond that you tried to cancel it. They were kind enough on their website to state when you tried to cancel the order that they would not charge your card till your items shipped and that you weren't canceling the shipment so much as requesting the item be canceled.

You're guessing they said "no."

Such is life, at least you only paid $14 bucks for it.

Vive la PSP!


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