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Thursday, November 04, 2004

so much, and yet so little...

In all honesty, I completely forgot that I even had this weblog.

And for that I am truly sorry. It's been...busy these last few weeks. I'm not even sure where to start. Umm...well, I guess I'll start with still being single, which sucks. Completely. And yet doesn't suck. I wish that I had someone with whom I could share my life, as it is, and yet I don't. I, in some strange and yet fulfilling way, am glad that there isn't some other consciousness with which I need to concern myself.

I do miss sex though. Truly.

And on to the next item; I am completely at a loss as to graduate school. I don't know what to do and I'm not sure which direction to go. There is Santa Clara University and the JD/MBA which would require that I take the GMAT and the LSAT, do well on both and get in to both the law school there and the business school. Then there is the University of Hawaii which offers a JD and an MBA, a masters of CS and a masters of Math. As well as Ph. D.'s in both. There are also countless other schools (like Berkeley) which I could attend for graduate studies but I think in the end I would like to either go to a school with enormous prestige (like Santa Clara or Berkeley) or a school in a location that completes me, (like the UH) lets not forget that my entire family resides there too. Decisions decisions, I need to settle on this shit, take the exams and apply pronto, I am supposed to graduate in 2 quarters.
Speaking of which, I need to apply for graduation. But I think that, never expecting to make it this far, I am completely unprepared for this. In the words of my father, "You're not Berkley material." (Parents are wonderful aren't they?)

Next, there is my music archive. Which used to contain about 45 GB of data. Which, roughly, translated to about 7000 tracks, I couldn't tell you how many artists, and over 1000 albums. It was kept on an external hard drive connected to my main Windows XP desktop. Long story short, it crapped out on me on Halloween '04. A day that will forever live in infamy. For, I live on the fringe of computing sanity and refuse to backup anything. A reality that will soon come to an end, just as soon as I can raise the money to purchase an external hard drive to which I may backup my important data. In the meantime I am working on an essay prompted by this incident which I will post soon for the world to read on the importance of backing up your data.

And I could go on but I won't. It's after 2 in the AM and I am tired. Not to mention that Bush is still president, which is a whole other post, and I have class tomorrow (not until 4pm but a guy needs his beauty sleep :).

A hui ho aku...