How's the weather over there?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Rainy Days

It's days like this when I miss you. Days when the sky darkens and the great grey swells let slip the tears of heaven.

Those unforgettable days; I remember them well.

I remember when we used to lay in your bed, next to the window which overlooked the corrugated roof of the back patio, and listen to the somber cadence of the raindrops below. The rythmic flow tireless yet calm.

And I remember the way in which you used to snuggle up next to me and giggle softly into my ear when I would inevitably say something designed only to make you smile.

I remember the way as we lay there, me on my back and you on your side, that you would nestle your head into that space just between my shoulder and neck and drift off to sleep, your warm breath softly caressing the nape of my neck.

And I remember; most of all, when we were there in your bed, warm and safe, happy and together, the way in which you would wake me up by softly kissing my face and shoulders. I remember opening my eyes and seeing you, always smiling, always happy to see me again.

Those unforgettable days; it is for them that I live.