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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

For the kid...Revisited

They remember you ordered a PS2 game from a while back. If not they should read this.

Fucking bitches. are bitches.

As of 4am this morning, since you don't sleep like normal people and were up then, it still hadn't shipped. It was sent to the "warehouse" on the 15th of March where it was promptly forgotten about apparently.

With the impending release of the PSP you had lost interest in this game and decided to cancel the order. You did so and went to sleep. Less than 7 hours later, 11am this morning, you got an email stating that it had shipped.

Now you are going to get a game which you're no longer interested in and have waited for for an entire week. Beyond that you tried to cancel it. They were kind enough on their website to state when you tried to cancel the order that they would not charge your card till your items shipped and that you weren't canceling the shipment so much as requesting the item be canceled.

You're guessing they said "no."

Such is life, at least you only paid $14 bucks for it.

Vive la PSP!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

This Just In...

You have no idea how you came to start thinking about this. But you're on break from school so really anything goes right now.

You think of computer usage the same way you think of your preference in women's breasts. You have always been one for smaller breasts. B or B+ even C cup is awesome. C and up...Not so much.

Why!? They might be screaming?

Well, essentially you have always seen larger breasts as kind of mean or intimidating. They kind of stare at you with an annoyed glare and say: "Hey! What are you looking at punk!?" Whereas smaller breasts with their perky exhuberence and happy-go-lucky charm are more like: "Hi! Can we help you with something?"

However, you don't want them to take this the wrong way. So you'd like to preface it with two things. First, you would never, never turn down a girl for having large breasts. If history is any indication, for example, you had a girlfriend for awhile and were quite pleased with her 38DD's. They were rather lovely actually. Second, when it comes to your criteria for the opposite sex it's like golf: 10% physical 90% mental.

That said, you'd like to get back to the point. Windows PC's are like large breasts, they are mean and intimidating and smell like scotch and anger. Versus Mac's which are like small breasts; well shaped and perky, always there for you with a smile and a wink, "Good Morning d. Would you like to read the news or perhaps your email?" And they smell better too.

Yet you'd never turn down a Windows PC just because it was huge and slow. You have a windows PC and use it frequently. But you also have a Mac and you use that even more. You view computer usage as a toolbox. You just reach in and grab the right tool for the job. If you want to work with media, burning and ripping CD's or DVD's you use your windows machine. If you want to simply browse the web, read the news or your email you grab your Powerbook.

Not that either machine is at all limited to those types of tasks, just that you use each particular machine for the task that it is best suited for based upon its abilities. Windows PC's excel at a few things, ripping DVD's and playing Doom 3 for example. For everything else there is your Mac.

Eh. Whatever.

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Phantom dust.

You're lazy right now so you'll just refer them to this thread for your first impressions.

Denny Crane. Tricks are for kids.

20 Straight Years of Schooling...

You have so much to write about that you have no idea what to write about.

First things first. You had your final in Compiler Design today. It was exactly like what you always imagined sodomy would feel like. To put that in context, there were 30 multiple choice questions making up part one of the exam. Each had 5 answers to choose from. The correct answer for each question being 0 or more of the 5 given answers.

To clarify; given 5 switches each with an "on" position and an "off" position, and the correct positioning of these switches being a combination of "on" or "off," there are 32 possiblilities for the correct position. Multiply that by 30 questions and they start to get the picture. 960 possibilities. Given the need for 30 answers right or wrong that leaves 930 possibilities for failure, assuming the correct answers were chosen. What percentage of the total possible are correct? They might ask. Well, my friend, that's 3.

Yes, they read that right, 3. 3% of the total possible answer combinations are correct. In your humble opinion that's indicative of a test design intent on rendering failure.

This is exactly why you don't gamble. The house always wins. Always.

(You'd, at this point, like to let them know that they should feel free to correct your combinatorics if any mistakes have been made.)

Moving on, you have one more final to go. This one is in your Analysis II class. You thought about this the other day and found something interesting. You have had 10 girlfriends over the last 7 years. The most recent of which lasted for 4 years. That means that you had 9 in the space of 3 years, or 3 per year. Given 12 months per year that's 1 girlfriend every 4 months. Considering that there are 3 months in an academic quarter and that you have been taking courses from your Analysis professor for 4 quarters (2 quarters of Differential Equations, 2 of Analysis), that means that you have spent an entire year with him.

To put that in context, that means that you have spent more time with this particular professor studying mathematics than you have with 90% of your ex-girlfriends; and you had sex with two of them. Wow. Are you not having enough sex/girlfriends or are you as Ad, your left hand man, puts it "spending way to much time thinking about it." and "You need to get laid, bro." ?

Hmm...So many questions. So little desire to answer them.

The worst part of all of this is that you can't go out and get completely sodding smashed beacuse you have that Anal. 2 final today. And you can't go out tonight either because you have to go to the lab first thing in the morning tomorrow and get tests done prior to your bi-annual physical. Then you have to go to The North Face and buy some new gear, and to your opthamalogist's at 2:30p for full diagnostics since your Mom has glaucoma.

Fucking joy. Absolute, proper, fucking joy.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

So you think you're clever now do you?

AKA Better studying through iTunes.

You are not exactly what anyone in their right mind would call disciplined. Knowing this full well you happened on a method for structuring your study time today. Being that you are a believer in the "divide and conquer" method of studying, in which you study an hour at a time taking short breaks in between, you created an iTunes playlist that was exactly 1 hour in length.

Then you created another. Then another.

You now have three seperate playlists: study.inst.hip.hop, study.alt.misc, and study.hawaiian. Each 1 hour in length. So named so that they are next to each other in the iTunes sidebar, available when you need them.

Its the perfect blend of structure and flexibility for your less-than-disciplined ass. When the music stops it can only be for one of two reasons: its time for a break or you have to pee. You pause the music to go to the bathroom and when you come back you press play. You are still working on the current hours' worth of studying. Neat.

It works, you think its clever, and you'll use it until it dies or something better comes along, natch. Though after 5.5 hours worth of compiler design its time to catch up on Las Vegas and Numb3rs.

Mai mana'o he pono kēia!
(Don't think that this is fun!)

Sunday, March 13, 2005

For the kid... all of us. You found this while browsing something at some point. You can't really remember. - Games Blowout

Being that you are practically broke right now, you're trying to decide between Onimusha 2 for $9, Tekken 4 for $15 or Tekken Tag Tournament for $13.

Choices choices.

Off hand, you finally finished writing that paper you mentioned here a while ago. If any of them want to read it they have only to email you about it and you will furnish a copy. As long as the promise to keep in mind that, despite evidence to the contrary, you do actually speak english fluently.

Thank you and Good night.

Update: You decided on Onimusha 2. Perhaps it was the price. You'd like to think it was the samurai's swinging swords, potential decapitation and bloody impaling that convinced you though.

Saturday, March 12, 2005


So greel08 has a point. Well, maybe not, but you've been looking for an excuse to return to the second person point-of-view which is exactly what greel08 suggested. So, thank you greel.

That taken care of, you are feeling somewhat ashamed of yourself at present for not taking advantage of a situation which presented itself in your women's studies class. There were a couple of hot girls that were falling all over themselves for the monstrous. But you didn't act on it.



Thursday, March 10, 2005

Fear and consumption...

So I have to write a final essay for my women's studies class. We were given the entire quarter to figure out and research what exactly it was that we were going to write about, of course there were other writing projects we were required to attend to in the interim.

I initially chose to write about Postpartum depression. I was going to attack its origin and purpose because I came across an interesting paper online that detailed an evolutionary framework in which postpartum depression was outwardly manifested as the fight or flight mechanism of ancient woman. In essence postpartum depression occurred as a survival instinct in early "hunter-gatherer period" humans.

However a majority of the research into PPD that I was able to find online was more medical in nature. That is, the research I found was more focused on PPD as a disease with a cure or as a problem that needed a definition and a solution rather than as a characteristic of a system developed through aeons of evolution which only needed further understanding.

This didn't bode well as the professor wants us to analyze the political, social and economic influences on our particular topic (whatever the hell that really means). Which, according to my limited understanding, means that she wants a paper with a sociological perspective.

In response I have changed my topic. I decided to write about the social, political, and economic influences on individuals eating habits and how these habits are the reflection of a population undereducated about body image. Further I want to discuss the ways in which the government and the food industry manipulate the socially acceptable model of the feminine form and how these manipulations are nothing more than poorly disguised fear appeals (to borrow a psychological term) designed to produce increased consumption propagating a vicious cycle.

Or something like that.

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

One of those days...

So the moral of the story seems to be that every now and then when the planets are in the proper alignment I turn into a maladroit klutz-fuck. Earlier this evening I went to a local starbucks to read some materials for a research paper I have to write for my women's studies class. My mom wanted me to pick up a mocha for her on the way home which I did. I knew the girl at the bar and she made a cappuccino for me too.

On the way back to the truck I was carrying both drinks stacked in one hand (first mistake) and my book bag in the other. I got to the truck and opened the door. With one hand I tossed my book bag through the door (second mistake) and into the passengers seat but the rotational velocity coupled with the inertia of the mocha, since it was stacked on top of the cappuccino, carried the mocha out of my hand and down onto the drivers seat. It bounced off the drivers seat, popped open, and landed on the ground.


About 15 minutes ago I was eating a frozen pizza I heated up. I had a glass of orange-tangerine juice. I reached blindly for the glass and tipped it with my hand. I have fairly quick reflexes which kicked in to right the glass but the glass had already tipped too much. There wasn't enough space and instead of grabbing the glass I ended up flicking it with the back of my hand. It splashed all over the tv-tray I was eating off of, my G4 powerbook and the majority of it landed on the carpet.

I just finished cleaning it all up and I'm distraught. I feel like I need one of those friggin' sippy cups.


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Monday, March 07, 2005


So I ran into a weblog application called ecto. I'm gonna give it a shot and see if I like it. Not that I'm that into weblogging, just that every time a good idea crosses my mind for an entry I don't have web access.

ecto caches blog information and enables offline entries. We'll see how it goes.

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