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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

More 5ives...

Top 5ive Daily Websites
1. Google - Uhh...Duh.
2. TorrentSpy - You visit this site because it is one of the primary sites for new torrent releases. They update daily and include information regarding the current number of seeders and leechers.
3. - It's nice to know what other people find interesting. Lots and lots of people finding the same thing interesting makes you want to check it out too. You hate being left out. ;-P
4. isoHunt - More torrent goodness.
5. Preshrunk - If they are into T-Shirts at all like you are they will love this site. For sure.


Bobby. You're it.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Whut up Cousin!

You were hanging out at the house that you are sitting tonight, watching a movie and you were getting thirsty. So you walked down the block to the liquor store by your house for some refreshment.

You were standing in line when a couple thuggish gang-stars found their way into the store. One was on a cellphone and the other wandered over to the slurpee machine mumbling "Its a celebration bitches...gimme a muthafuckin slurpee! A muthafuckin slurpee nigga!"

You chuckled. Dave Chappelle is fuckin funny.

The two thugs made the shop their own, walking behind the counter to inspect the condom rack. However, given your experience with these types and the fact that you have spent what is probably far to long in the rough areas of Oakland, you have picked up a few things. You know better than to be confrontational with two of them. If it was just one maybe. But not in groups. Yet you also know better than to avoid eye contact. That is a sign of fear. And they can smell fear. You make eye contact. You watch them. But that's it.

The guy in line ahead of you was at the register taking fucking for-ever buying ice, a liter of coke and some fucking chicken-cheese-jalapeno wrap fucking things out of the warmer. The two thuggish got in line behind you and the slurpee thug set his shit down on the counter.

It was finally your turn and you handed the guy working the register your forty. You heard one of the guys behind you say "Oh shit nigga! Cousins bout ta get his drank on nigga! Cousin's buyin a forty!"

You smiled, and slowly turned around. Making eye contact with the guy you let slip from your lips four words that would change the tone of the entire encounter.

"It's a celebration...Bitches!" you said.

And he fucking lost it.

He was laughing so hard you couldn't help but laugh too. You said "Aiight dog."

To which he responded "Aiight Cousin!"

Top 5ives...

Ooooh...yeah. The return of the top 5ives. This is a meme project that you and Bobby Drake started and never really kept up with back in the older times.

Essentially just lists. Lists of 5 things. The top 5 things in some area of reality.

They should feel free to contribute on their own sites. If they do you'd appreciate if they'd link back or leave a note in the comments.

Top 5ive Favorite Songs at This Very Moment...

  1. Girl - Beck - Guero

  2. I'm Just Raw - Lyrics Born - Same Shit, Different Day

  3. Banquet - Bloc Party - Silent Alarm

  4. Helicopter - Bloc Party - Silent Alarm

  5. The Corner - Common - Be

Get it?



Bobby Drake's top 5ive

Saturday, May 28, 2005

It's like a disease...

Your music collection hit 9000 tracks this morning. You're now only 1000 tracks away from a lofty, daydreamy, completely unstated goal of having 10000 songs.

You just keep building, keep adding, keep listening. It's sick.

The current state of affairs:

9000 songs, 24.5 days, 43.52 GB

The latest additions:

The Further Adventures of Lord Quas, by Quasimoto
Awfully Deep, by Roots Manuva.

You should take something or see somebody about this.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

You're becoming responsible.

Let's not let this become a habit okay?

In any event, your father volunteered you to housesit for a neighbor couple. You went over to their house today and they fell in love with you. YOU are housesitting for them. It has been decided. They gave you a key. You are the one.

The best part of the whole deal? Your parents are religious conservatives, and you love irony. So? Well, you are irreligious and would consider yourself a socialist liberal. And? Well...they're a same-sex couple.

This is so, SO fucking awesome.

In love with the way life works,


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Worth buying...

Three albums that fucking rock and are on heavy rotation currently:

Be, the newest album from Common. You remember when this guy called himself Common Sense. With Kanye producing the beats Common seems to have resurrected his original lyrical style after the disappointment that was Electric Circus.

Mezmerize, System of a Down's newest offering. What can you say? Political, angry, melodic, metallic, hard, et cetera. Buy this album.

Silent Alarm, from Bloc Party. These guys are awesome. They remind you of Refused, your favorite band of all time.

And finally Everything Ecstatic from Four Tet. This album is essentially dirty, grimy, cut up, electronica/hip hop a la prefuse 73. Definetly worth checking out.

When they get a chance they should try and at least give these records a listen. They won't be disappointed. They have but to ask and you would be more than happy to let them partake.

Over and out,


Sunday, May 22, 2005

Suck it dry.

You were just about to post a comment on greel08's blog but unfortunately you have to be a follower of all things xanga to do so.

You think thats fucking weak. Very fucking weak. And stupid. Fucking necromongers.

In any event you wanted only to let greel08 know that you have come across a copy of Kinsey and he is more than welcome to it if he is interested.

That is all.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Musical Baton.

You know what, like 3 other people that blog? So rather than get passed the musical baton you snuck up on an unsuspecting, slow moving blogoton and stole the fucker.

Thus, without further adieu, the musical baton:

Total Volume Of Music On Your Computer:

42.97 GB

The Last CD You Purchased Was:

Dillinja - My Sound

Song Playing Right Now:

There were many a drunken and lonely night both in California and elsewhere listening to this album and wondering why you keep picking such winners to date. Of all the tracks on the album however, the one currently playing is Chunga's Revenge.

Five Songs You've Been Listening To Alot Recently:

  1. Holy Calamity, Handsome Boy Modeling School

  2. Winners and Losers, Social Distortion

  3. Wish Me Well (You can go to hell), Bouncing Souls

  4. Pure Morning, Placebo

  5. Nothing Owed, Bonobo

Five People To Whom You Are Passing The Baton:

The astute reader will notice that that was only 4 people and the astute reader should fuck off. You only know four people who have blogs anyway.

Over and out,


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Quickly, and with stealth.

It's currently you're fucked-30 in the AM and you just finished a paper for your History of Math class.

Yes. They read that right, History of Math.

Why the fuck is a paper necessary in a math class? They might wonder. And why the fuck is a paper due in a senior level math class? They might be thinking.

And why is this fucking class even a senior level class? Is what you're wondering. The pre-requisites mentioned the calculus series as you recall and ironically enough your professor chose to completely skip the developement of "The" calculus as a part of the curriculum.

In your humble opinion, any entering freshman should be capable of taking and passing this class. Assuming of course that this particular freshman knows a thing or two about math, which is actually asking quite a lot given the current state of the educational system in this state. Because honestly, they should know a thing or two about formal logic, geometry, algebra, maybe some differential calculus, and...perhaps some combinatorics.

Of course, you rarely go to this class anyway. What the fuck do you know?

So instead of studying and learning mathematics, you get to write a fucking paper about a mathematical development of some kind. Doesn't matter what kind or when. There really isn't any direction other than not to plagerize.

Fucking great.

And what did you choose precious?

You decided to write about Newton's estimation of pi(you're too lazy to look up the unicode for pi right now). Which is actually simple; really. As long as they understand the general binomial theorem, some integral calculus and a sprinkle of elementary algebra. Which you do...

However they might not. So you are thinking you should probably explain it when reality kicks you in the face and reminds you that its just you and probably 10 other people on the planet who care about shit like this.

So fuck it. Fuck you, fuck them, fuck their god, fuck you please, fuck fuck fuck. Its not just fun to say, its actually fun to type. You need sleep.

Making babies cry,


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

More evidence that Google is the answer.

Google search on "what is the population of united states"?

Or how about "what is the altitude of kilimanjaro"?

The results are friggin wicked.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

WTF are you doing awake!?

You have no idea. So you think it might be a fun to write about some things that you've been thinking about recently.

Why do you hold people at arms length sweetie?

You wish you had an answer to that question. You have trust issues you presume. You meet lots and lots of people, despite your better judgment, and more often than not they want to spend more time with you. You have no clue why for as many times as people have told you that you are sweet, twice as many times they have told you that you are a fucking asshole. Which is funny and ironic since they bitch if they can't spend time with you or don't get enough time with you to satiate themselves. You think they like that you're an asshole. Part of you thinks that they wish they could be as hyper-analytical and condescending as you, little do they realize that you are slightly autistic, and the other part doesn't give a fuck. Perhaps that's why you hold them at arms length. You don't want them to get too close since you'll inevitably hurt them and you'd like to control the extent to which they can hurt you.

Okay fine, you didn't really answer my question dick. But we'll move on. Why are you so angry?

Angry!? You wonder if they know you at all. Since you live at home with your parents and have been a momma's boy for fuckin-ever. You have problems with your Mom. Its funny, you're just like her. To a fault. You argue with her on a daily basis, and big time too. Like knock-down, drag-out, fuck-you-and-your donkey riding sherpa-type arguments. They might not be able to relate so you offer this example: Imagine you are in an argument. With yourself. How do you win? You don't. And how does that make you feel?

Now multiply that by "infinity of times" and you start to get the picture.

Oh. Okay, I understand now. Sorry. Well why are you so aloof?

You are at a loss and wonder what they mean by aloof.

Aloof, asswart. As in "distant physically or emotionally; reserved and remote." (thanks!)

Ahh...yes. You see now. You have no idea. You never really noticed until recently that this was the situation. You believe that it has a lot to do with your trust issues and the fact that you have been hurt. Repeatedly. By both sexes and for all kinds of reasons. You are aloof because that is what keeps you safe.

Strangely enough.

You wear your heart on your sleeve. If you don't like someone it will be apparent. If you do the same is true. Yet you are quite discerning. There are two types of people which you are friends with. There are those who are at your side regardless of the circumstances. And there are those who you walked away from yet were there when you needed them (Adtron and The Supreme S), and they you will never forget. Never. Regardless the directions your lives might take you, you will not ever let them out of your sight. You love them. You think of them the same way you think of your parents. You would never let harm befall them, and would rather lay yourself on the line than let them take the fall.

Thats why you hold people at an arms length and are aloof. You can't give this much of yourself to just anyone. Hell, you can't give this much of yourself to more than a few choice people. You are always ready to choose. There just never seems to be the right choices.

You need a significant other.
You need to move out.
You need money.
You need love.



model t back

model t back
Originally uploaded by droo5ki.
And here it is from the back.

model t front

model t front
Originally uploaded by droo5ki.
And here it is. This is what all the fuss was about down in LA-LA.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Your Senior Year of High School

Via the Stone that is Grody.

1. What School did you attend? Moreau Catholic High School, Hayward CA

2. What year was it? 1998

3. What were your favorite band(s) or artist(s)? Pharcyde, The Beatnuts, Mobb Deep, Nirvana, Op Ivy, anything punkish

4. What was your favorite outfit? It was a Catholic school so I had to wear khaki's and collared shirts so much it became my favorite.

5. What was up with your hair? Short, slick, combed forward.

6. Who was your best friend(s)? This guy named peter. It was one-sided and fell apart. Like all things.

7. What did you do after school? Smoked, tagged, drank.

8. Where did you work? Bechtel Engineering Corp.

9. Did you take the bus? Yes. And BART. I had to get up at 5 in the fucking morning. It was weak. That is how I met my xgf of four years though. So it wasn't all bad.

10. Who did you have a crush on? Ooh. Tough. I can't really remember specifically. There were several though. I'd have to look them up in a yearbook.

11. Did you have a girlfriend/boyfriend and who? Freshman year, this girl named Margo. It lasted about a month. I didn't even touch her. Then there was V. She had huge breasts. They must've been like DD's. We messed around but I didn' know. Then Senior year there was this girl Crystal, and damn. That's all I can really say. She liked the rough stuff.

12. Did you fight with your parents? Fuck yes. And I still do.

13. Did you ever get detention? I had 53 unserved hours when I graduated.

14. Favorite Subject? Bible as literature.

15. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? That question doesn't make sense.

16. Who did you have a CELEBRITY crush on? No one.

17. Did you smoke cigarettes? Fuck yes.

18. Did you lug all your books around in your backpack? No, I had a locker for that.

19. Best event ever? Graduation.

20. Did you have a 'clique'? I'd say no, but I hung out with the kids that didn't have a clique. So I guess we kinda formed a clique.

21. Where was your Senior Prom at? San Francisco. I can't remember the name of the place.

22. Did you have a "The Max" like Zach, Kelly and Slater? Yeah, up the street from the school where we all hung out, smoked and drank.

23. Admit it, were you popular? No. But years later I came to find out that my friends and I were considered the "bad" kids and people were actually scared to fuck with us.

24. Who did you want to be just like? Someone that had already graduated high school.

25. What did you want to be when you grew up? An aeronautical engineer.

26. Where did you think you'd be at the age you are now? Married and designing aircraft.

27. What was the color of your yearbook? Purple.

28. What were the colors of your school? Green and gold.

29. What was your school mascot? Mariners.

30. What do you predict you will look like at your 10 year reunion? Like this but 3 years older.

31. Did you have a pager or a cell phone? No.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sneak attack. (Long post warning)

You're back!

And what a trip that was wasn't it? Arduous seems an appropriate word. Where did you go again exactly? Oh yeah that's right you went to LA. You stayed in Palmdale and went to Orange to pick up a new car for your father.

First though, you want to run through some quick stats:

There: ~400 Miles, Time: 7 hours, # of Stops: 1, Avg. speed: 57 mph.

Back again: 378.6 Miles, Time: 7 hours, # of Stops: 1, # of cars being towed: 1, Avg. Speed: 53 mph

Total milage: 968.5

Okay, now that we've taken care of that, how did it go?

Well, your Dad wanted to leave and 4 in the AM Saturday morning. Anyone that knows you knows that that is an indecent proposal and thus you didn't even bother sleeping. You went over to Corey's, drank some Guinness and Newcastle went home, packed your shit, took a shower and by that time it was 4 in the AM you went.

You got to Palmdale at around 11 since your Dad missed a turn while you were sleeping and you had to go behind god's back to get there. Which you were able to do thanks to your crazy navigational skills. You arrived at Fred and Nancy's house and hung out for a bit.

They have the biggest house you have ever been in. You have no idea of the square footage but suffice it to say that you and your Dad each got your own rooms, and their master bedroom is about half the size of your entire house. One of the coolest things about the house though, in your humble and nerdified opinion, is that all of the ceiling fan/light thingys are remotely controlled and have temperature sensors so you can set a room temperature it'll keep. So so cool.

So you guys hung out for awhile, got a cool drink, and headed out. First for grub. You went to a place called Crazy Otto's (such the fucking awesome name! +10 strength) and wanted breakfast only to be disappointed that they weren't serving breakfast at noon. Minus 20 charisma. You ordered fish and chips, which were really good actually. Nancy and Fred said they wanted to set you up with a girl they knew. A lieutenant in the air force. You said "Hell yes!"

Back to the house for a minute to drop off Nancy and find out if the guy who had the car your Dad wanted was ready to make the exchange. He was. So you were off.

The guy lives in Orange. You were in Palmdale. Apparently no one in your party new how to get to Orange. Unfortunately you didn't learn this until 2 hours into the journey. You stopped at a gas station in San Dimas (Bill and Ted. Fuck yeah!) to ask "Where the fuck are we?" They answered and you were back on the road. You arrived at the guys house at like 5pm and picked up the car.

Getting back took about 2 hours thanks to traffic and the fucking idiots "Hey take this alternate route its faster!" route. You had to stop at Sears to get Nancy a new lawnmower too.

Finally around 9 you get back to the house. Nancy is the fucking shit and made the bestest dinner you've had in quite awhile. Sauted shrimp, blackened salmon, spinach salad, rice, bread and strawberry cheesecake for desert. So good. After that you watched a movie (US Marshals). Ian and Lori came over to play cards. You were too tired so you went to bed.

Bobby Drake called at 8 the next morning. It woke you up. Without actually looking at who was calling, you picked up your phone and chucked it across the room. Stupid phone. You woke up 2 hours later. Eggs, Croissant, and Coffee awaited you downstairs. So awesome. Nancy invited you to go on a 10-mile hike into the Grand Canyon. For some reason you agreed. We're still trying to figure out what you were thinking on that one bro.

Your Dad and Fred went to pickup a trailer for the car. You took a shower and hung out with Nancy. They got back at about 1 and you started packing your shit. You and your Dad said your thank you's and goodbye's and hit the road at around 2.

You stopped at 5 in some town somewhere and ate at Mc'Donalds. Which was fucking putrid. The rest is history.

And here you are. Welcome back.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

And I'm out.

So you're outta here. You're gonna go down to LA-LA for a minute. But of course you'll be back. In fact, you'll miss the drama. But not that much.

Love you guys,

Oooh! dp, we love you, come back baby!

Don't even trip.

I'll be back.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

Pick two.

So you are feeling in a sit-alone-in-a-dark-room-with-popcorn kinda mood and are thinking you are gonna take in a flick or two this weekend. You aren't sure what you'll see yet and thought you might ask them.

Thus, pick two. If we go out:

  • Crash

  • Unleashed

  • Kung Fu Hustle

  • Kicking and Screaming

Unless we stay home, then:

So what will it be love?

PS. You miss her caress. You struggle to understand why. You would give anything for companionship. And yet you'd rather go through things alone.

We dont understand you precious.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

You're going to hell.

Who's coming with you?

You are about one click away from buying one of these.

Oi vey.

Well Hello there Sarah...

So you hung out with S boogie tonight. The two of you got some coffee and chilled out. Caught up on news and what not. You didn't realize until you hung out with her how much you missed her.

Sarah is cool beans dood. Yay Sarah! Welcome back, we missed you.

See you Thursday.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Remembering the past...

You remember when...

This was just in.

And you got this.

When you wrote this and how nothing ever came of it.

However you'd rather forget when this happened.

Love you.


It's like a drug...

You have been at a computer for more time today than you have spent doing anything else. You sat at your computer less-than-happily plodding away at a menial and tedious data entry task for oh, you don't know, maybe 5 or so hours.

And what did you do when you were done?

Well, first you watched 24 of course.

But then and since then until now, you have been back at your computer, well, computers, since you are the very proud owner of an Apple G4 Powerbook which they may remember you mentioning before.

Which brings you to your point. The optical drive in your powerbook has decided not to work anymore. You don't know why, and in all honesty you just want to cry about it. But, you will persevere and try to continue functioning.

Unfortunately, the capitalist beast wants nothing more than to rape your pretty and vulnerable poor little college student ass. And so you will have to pay USD~350 to get it fixed.

Fuck. You're so addicted.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Note to self.

You're watching tv and there was a commercial for the show Spin City. The main character's gf and he are kissing and she stops, looks at him and says:

"Do you realize we forgot to have sex tonight?"

That is so friggin' awesome. Forget for a moment that it is complete fantasy, written by people more persuasive than you purely for sexual emotive effect. You must hear that from a girl at some point in your life. You must.

Sunday, May 08, 2005


You're happy to see that movies like Mysterious Skin are still out there and being made. It's rare to see an NC-17 rated movie. Of course you're not actually going to see this one; you're just glad hollywood hasn't completely taken over yet.

You just finished watching The Corporation; now you're angry and pissed. It was a great documentary and you think it is mandatory viewing.

That is all, carry on.


This makes everything else seem trivial. You are now back to GAMECON 1.

Burnout for the PSP? Brilliant!!

Double-plus fucking good!


You should be quiet now.

What are you doing right now?

You are wondering whether or not to take a screenshot or just list the various things you're currently working on. Well some of the things aren't actually on your desktop so you'll just list them out.

You currently have Safari open with 5 tabs. You're reading the latest soccer news on Soccernet (Yay Arsenal!), browsing books at Amazon, chatting on Adium, organizing your bookmarks, catching up with the news in NetNewsWire, you have a text editor open to capture random thoughts, you're listening to music, watching tv and oh yeah, you're writing this.

And thus you think you have Nerd Attention Deficit Disorder.

You wonder what they're doing right now.


You can't remember exactly what it was that you wanted to post about. Fuck it.

You'd like to apologize for the slow with which the site seems to be loading lately. You have yet to pin down the cause and are actually considering paying for some hosting for this crap but you aren't sure. You wonder what they think. You wonder if you have many readers at all.

Oh yeah, now you remember.

You were thinking about things today. About yourself for a change. Introspection you think they call it.


Wow. You completely forgot about this post. You'll work on it tomorrow.

love you guys.


And music.

You rolled some more mp3's that you had lying around into the main library. You had to fix-up the id3 tags and filenames before you imported them.

They can check out your mp3 library here.


As seen in the June issue of Stuff magazine:

"One of the more famed see-through spirits, the Goose has a straightforward, clean and pure taste. It's almost like drinking water from a babbling brook...except we call it our happy brook and shoot trespassers on sight."

Now that's what the fuck you're saying.


Saturday, May 07, 2005


You love BitTorrent. You want it to have your babies. Especially when you use the Azureus client.

You think that few things in life are better than sex. And that this isn't one of them. But it's pretty high up there and you definitely think they should try it.

Over and out.


Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Invalidating your feelings is the worst thing someone can do to you; in your humble opinion. It makes you want to wrap your hands around their neck and squeeze.

You can't stand arguing with people who invalidate your feelings, make assumptions about you and draw conclusions from them, and talk over you rather than listen.

You have no healthy outlets for your anger in this place. You must move out soon.


Why do I have all the problems? Why is it always me with the problem?

And why does everyone always give a fuck? Why do people always give a shit about my feelings? Why do they say things and do things because they think they'll make me feel better? I wish everybody would just leave me the fuck alone.

This has nothing to do with anything. Maybe its the Wellbutrin talking.

Sod off.



The only car to ever give you wet dreams.

You will have it. Ah, yes. You will have it.

Sometimes you actually like driving.

You love it when the freeway opens her lanes to you like a high-school cheerleader spreading her legs under the bleachers after the big game. You entered 880 at 80 mph and made a quadruple-lane change into the carpool lane. 30 seconds later you made a double lane change out of the carpool lane and then another one back into the carpool lane at 90 mph to get around some slower moving traffic. Then you just blasted all the way home. ~ 11 miles, maybe?

Total time from school to home: 6 minutes.
Average speed: ~ 80 mph.

Fuck it. We love speed.

d, and then some.

At random.

•The brain/mind is not a computer. It is completely incapable of parallel processing. "Multi-tasking" is an illusion created by rapidly switching the focus of your attention.

•Now two people in your life have commented on your body. They both think you need to "bulk up." WTF? Being 144 lbs. of pure muscle isn't completely fucking awesome!?

Do you really care about these people? Yes.
So their opinion matters? Yes.
Do you think they're jealous? Yes.
What are you going to do then? Abso-fucking-lutely nothing.

•We think you like her. Don't blush. Stop. She's only 20. You should really, really leave her alone...or talk to her. Ass.

•If people knew how infrequently others thought about them they wouldn't worry about it so much.


The cutest thing ever. Rose this is for you. (Update: This link is getting hit fucked-in-the-ass hard. So its really slow.)

Zombies are fucking real!?

Okay. Enough, you're fuckin retarded d.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

You're so tired of writing about the ups and the downs of recent events. Good or bad, either way you just want it to be settled. It's time to move forward.

So, its a pretty common argument encouraging the use of condoms that having unprotected sex with someone is like having sex with all of the people they had sex with.

Thus it was that something occured to you. Say you gave the business to some chick. You split up. Then she goes and shakes her apple at some other dude. Then he humps some chick. Then you shag that chick.

You will have fucked yourself. Maybe even several times.

You are depraved. Now finish your homework bitch.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Friday Slack.

You are thinking that a weekly email, published on Friday's, containing links you find interesting would be really swell. And you think that you will actually do it consistently this time.

If they are not on the mailing list and they would like to be they should contact you. If they are on the mailing list and don't want to be then they can go fuck themselves. You're kidding of course. They have but to let you know and it is undone.

With love.